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Whether you are a professional photographer, aspiring foodie, or just like to exress yourself, people pay attention to your posts. Start connecting with brands you love while sharing what you love about them.


Advertising for a business?

Increase local awareness and engagement to your social media and your business through word of mouth. User local influencers to drive your marketing through stories.

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About Influence Columbus

Influence Columbus was started by Dan Sorenson, online advertising veteran, who saw a huge opportunity to help local business in Columbus, Ohio by connecting businesses and their customers through social media. As a local business, you run your business and wear all the hats. You’re spending time making sure shifts are covered, operations are managed and consistent, product or services are always top knotch, and the list never ends! Influence Columbus is here to help you grow your business by showcasing your best light in front of thousands of to-be customers using social media. We’ve developed relationships with hundreds of local ‘influencers’ who have highly engaged social followings and a knack for creating engagement using social media. Start growing your business with social media marketing in Columbus, OH.

Who are the influencers behind Influence Columbus? They’re anyone from college students to downtown young professionals to parents living in the suburbs. We’ve broken down a reach of local Columbus into segments of users that makes sense for local retailers, restaruants, service providers, tech companies and more to be in touch with. If you have over 1,000 ‘followers’ on any social platform, let’s connect and see if you’re right for the Influence Columbus network.

Questions? We've got answers

What if I don't have content?

Influencers are more than just a connection to passionate followers, they’re creative content generators and know how to represent brands best to their following. We’ll coordinate getting your products to influencers or getting influencers into your services so they can take care of the rest!

Do I get to keep the content influencers?

Yes! You should be utilizing this content on your own social accounts as well so you will have full rights to all content generated.

Who will see my posts?

Influencers have grown strong followings of people who relate to them and share similar interests. The advantage of working with is that we work with you to design a campaign and understand your target demographic to align with the best followings for maximum reach and engagement.

What if I don't have Instagram?

Not hip to social media yet? That’s fine, we’ve been connecting online marketing to offline sales for years and can still drive customer engagement to your business. Want to get on social media? Our partners at can help you kickstart your social media and online advertising.

Is my business fit for social media?

Absolutely! We haven’t found a business yet that doesn’t benefit from exposure on social media. Whether you’re a retailer or a tax accountant, it’s important to be where your customers are and we are experts at creating campaigns for any business using social media.

Can I pick my influencers?

Yes, you will have final decision to influencers you work with. We work with you to develop a marketing campaign and provide a selection of influencers whose followings align to your target demographic and we work together to pick those influencers.